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Live My Life - lyrics

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Who's by my side?
Out of the light
A loft of the darkness,
Fear and pain is a hermit's place
That no one cares
Now I am roaming all the way
The psalm of the fate
Prima Donna quits singing
The final chapter "life"
It just goes on forever
We call it a drag, a daydream and a fake
Smiling face
I don't wanna see to heal my pain
No more tears run down my cheeks
Northern path leads me to you
Live my own life
I know I've got to go on alone
But can you tell me where to go,
What to think of?
Red talismans recall all my past to my mind
Say farewell to your heart
Live my own life
I'm not so brave that I can ask you though
I've been still
Staring up the moon and stars in the glass
When we see together again,
Future must be waiting for me
Live my own life
No voice calls me
The candle will never burn again
My soul smolders
Let's walk for south
Where the breeze consoles me
Other than your way
Live my own life
You know it was a little for me
Memories are gone now
Punish me fallen to hell
And say "Good journey, all the darned"
My friend, here's crossroads arising
Live my own life
The secret of dreams
Is kept in my heart
Never let out
The spirit of the hermit
Dwells in myself
When we see together again,
Future must be waiting for me
Live my own life
I know I am the scoff of the world
Your jeering pains me sometimes,
But you never know
My pardon incurs her wrath
My mind forever gets closed
Live my own life
Light me.
Gimme your torchlight of hope
Even as a lie, a fake, a pretense
It's all make-believe
I can't walk anymore
It's time to give in, lose hope

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