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Drink, it is a feast day
the old system has just failed
Don't think, there is nothing
about, so drink at last
We'll really make them see
who's who now it's time to claim
property, cross out the past
Revolution, we want freedom
we want rights, revolution
No one will rule us again
people want to rule
Hey you, man, don't you find it nice?
You shake your head, don't expose yourself
Hey you, man, you think you can scoff at us?
Come on boys, we can bash their mugs
Stop, we're not being followed
but we've made a little cash
Look, people seem happy when
we're hacking them so hard
We can do just all we want
don't be afraid, no one will hurt us
for that, don't bother about it
Yes, freedom is not for stupid savages
the vicious mob, fist, it is not
an argument which fascinates the world
You're not reliable in it's eyes, you're
able to just steal and drink and fuck
Revolution, favour clever,
others wreck, revolution
Let us lead a normal life
wash out the marks of shame

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