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Shade Of Victory - lyrics

karaoke Karaoke
Raise your horns to honour us
We are back from enemie's blood and dust
With our weapons side by side
We fought hardly for our pride
Tear us on battlefield
God of war is guarding you with his shield
No wounds unhealed, no one dies
We prayed to him for your lives
Jealous rat has burried victory,
That shade is falling towards the misery
Hunger, thirst and howling cold
We're chasing us until we thought of lore
Which is our frozen home
Then forgot pain, faith swore
Every sunrise, every day
Look for you from distant lands far away
Hope to see men alive, health
Our vikings graved even death
Jealous rat has burried victory
That shade is falling towards the misery
We'll war again for dignity
Vail is life in Valhöll to eternity

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