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...Here We Are - lyrics

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So here we are once again
Standing together with hands in the air
Onward we are walking on
We'll never give up
Hoping for the best
Time after time, through all the haze
Little by little we're building our force
We'll never surrender to make our dream come true
Once again
And as the time's running out, so we are getting
Stronger & louder
There's only one thought in our minds
All that we do is to serve our believes
So here we are, as life's passing by
Heading for tomorrow, looking in the future that comes
So here we are, as fire melts the ice
Looking for the day that will come
And will unite us
Sympathy or hate, for us is the same
We just do what we think is right
Master or slave, nailed to the shade
...No reason to make us stop!

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