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Lonewolf's Destiny - lyrics

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[Lyrics: Costas Hatzigeorgiou]
As I'm watching from my tower the sights of Imrir
I'm wandering what is far beyond
I must learn what's my destiny behind the city walls
And discover what is finally true
My beloved I'm leaving now, my mind will always be with you
And whatever will happen on my way
I only promise that someday I'll come again
I lost my one and only love
The best friends I've ever had
All the persons I used to care for
I lost my self, my domination
The black sword that I'm carrying in my hands
Holds my body in life and my soul awake
And there is no way I can escape from this hell
Because I'm cursed until the very end
I fought with my own race, I burned my home of birth
With the powers of chaos I won
I am someone now I cannot recognize
A white lone wolf with red eyes
I'm searching for the meaning, the meaning of my life
I hear my fate that's calling loud
I am fighting for something, I know I'll never find
Arioch bring me life
Stormbringer drink mt blood too
Like you've done before so many times
Free me from this wicked soul and bring me salvation

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