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The Mirror Mask - lyrics

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Back in 1830, in France before civil war
Unverified murders took place
Three crimes one after the other
All three in the same way
Stricken by lightning, all distinguished members of society
Only a man could solve these crimes, an ex-convict
His name well known in all citizen's ears
Vidocq an honored man, a fearless spy
Mystery is about to be solved
A mask that sips the souls of those who see
Through its reflection
Forever tortured-enclosed inside this hellish form
Only a man could solve these crimes, but now he's dead
By the hand of the man behind this mirror mask
Who's hiding there behind the mask?
Who wears this black cape?
How will he be revealed now
(That) Vidocq is dead?
A virgin's life could give him
The breath for eternal life
This time evil wins
But the truth will shine again

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