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Epiphany (Soliloquy) - lyrics

Awake.. awake..
A sense of dread doth penetrate
My head it spins, my legs, they quake
An ill here done in shroud of dark
Eyes that cannot see
For fear that what beheld
Would violate my sanity
This lightless room
This cold and sightless tomb
What terrors herein lurk
I must expose yet fear exert it's course
Yet more..
I illuminate!
Oh strongest discord!
And boldest misdeed!
A chill runs down my spine surveying this scene
A body there lies dead at my feet
Cold and inert
It's lifeblood drained from gaping slits
Face contorted in silent suffering
Before the ensuing release of death
Speechless I move
Mindlessly lost
A scream from the shadows, resounding in shock
My candle doth drop, I fall to my knees
Braying in horror at what I have seen
Lidless eyes staring accusingly
The blood on my own hands incriminating me
Yet something is missing, something I should know
Reality sets, my blood runs cold
The body familiar, someone I once knew
A lifetime ago in an age lost in mist
Now no longer failing, my memory renewed
An innocent victim denied his existence
I sink to weary knees once more
Beside this broken man upon the floor
Have I killed him?
Yes, I have killed him
For he is me and I am forsaken
Henceforth forevermore to this lightless room
This soul confining tomb
In life I yearned to be rid of myself
I death we rot together in this hell

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