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A Love Story - lyrics

Hello, girl. I'm sitting here at a distance, watching you - admiring you.
I've been watching you for a while now and you give my
stomach butterfiles, the way it feels when you're falling in love with someone.
In love.
I don't think you've seen me yet. You should know how much you shine.
Radiate as you sit in the glow of the sun. I blush as I think about
holding you in my arms. Spring awakens scents that make my head
swim as I watch you live (play) so calmly in your own world.
I take a sip of my beer and fantasize about what you smell like.
Surely I could walk up and quickly bend down to smell your little head.
You would probably not even notice me.
It's so fantastical to see this cute sweetness.
Most of the things in my life as a 24-year old are dull
and deadly monotonous. But then I discover you!
I wonder what your name is and what you ate for breakfast.
Now, just now, you squinted against the sun with a golden smile all
over your perfect face. You, girl - you make me happy in this brief
moment. You have no idea. You just sit there.
How beautiful your hair is, and the dress - pink with flowers -
fits you perfectly. I want to show you the forest, hold your dirty little
hand in mine. Letting you ask me different things and I'd answer with
love in my heart. I almost feel like crying when I'm writing this.
The tears are there. I'm there! I don't know how to express myself,
but I would like to get to know you. You're so much younger than
me. When we're in the forest it gets darker and I'll give you my
heat. You'll feel a bit scared of the dark and I'll comfort you.
Then you surrender to me.
Will I ever be a father?
Will you ever be a mother?
All of this is for you. More than anything I'd like to run up to you
and hug you as hard as I can and roll around with you on the ground.
Girl, we'll laugh and I'll look deep into your eyes and while all my questions
are answered with a childish, sensual gaze you fade down - fade away...
All the anxiety, all the despair and resignation I've every felt with a liberating
"I like you".
Your body speaks to me, but I'm probably misunderstanding it.
I love you!

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