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All around me the pace doesn't change
All of these people in circles in search of a name
And I guess that I must be the same
'Cause it feels like I'm searching
Searching for something
I live in the space between nights
The echoes of who's seen who in my mind
Underneath this elephant sky
It feels like I'm searching
Searching for something
Weigh me down
I dream of steady
Weigh me down
I must be ready
Start a sentence and they'll fill in the rest
Though their mouths don't move,
See their eyes are impressed
All this air that's escaping my chest
It feels like I'm working
Working for something
We dig till we hit something hard
Scratching the dirt till our fingers can
Hold who we are
Then we pull it till we're facing the stars
And it feels like it's working
Working for something

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