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Children - victims of horror, victims of pain, hunger and blood.
They were born to suffer and die, they see the corpses of their parents
And remember their atrocious deaths.
They cry on their parent's grave and remember tortuosly.
They were children from yesterday, they are victims today
Innocence yesterday, brutality now
Childhood - covered by blood, toys covered by corpses
Daylight covered by panic nights, life covered by suffering and rotten flesh
Arms killed their parents and their smile,
arms created red tears, graves, screams, pain and cold
Motherfuckers slaves of money and power!!!
You are the killers!!!
You are responsables of brutality
We hate you!!!
Children live among weapons and corruption, between war and hunger,
Between fear and desperation.
Their destroyed childhood, their brutalized innocence.
The victims and my tears, their corpses and my hate
Their graves and my torture
Their death and my sickness
Blood, pain, graves, weapons
Blood, pain,
Graves, weapons.

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EP: "Tortured Cadaveric Humanity"

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