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The Cave - lyrics

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Foggy is the forest where the idols are of stone
And eternal is the silence where the force rises on
Here is this cave of knowledge force and wisdom I will get
So my ashes fly on the wind of northern lands
Eagle by blazing eyes will be my silent guide
Until the day when the army of just will triumph
Red dragon will sweep away the howling wolves
Usurpers go back to the shores of your land
Thunderous is the night and stormy is the sea
The spirit of the flame will show me the way
Of the dragon I feel the talon
Of the dragon I feel the breath
The king of all kings tonight will be born
Messenger of destiny
I will be tonight
Sent to make our kingdom
In the eye of time
Once my doom I saw
Cruel price I have to pay
Thousands diamonds of pain
A sword and a scepter in his doom written much time ago
The sands of time will never wash away his immortal name
The ancestral forces of universe will guide us to victory
So spur your battle horse and fight the good fight
The fire clouds of the sunset will rise on the battle field
The silence of death is going down so gloomy
Victorious the weapons we raise to the sky
The cruel tyrant is dead but I wait for tonight

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