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Thermopiles - lyrics

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Sky without stars
In the house of Hades
Nevermore sun
In the realm of shadows
I know my future
I know my doom
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
Doom is written
In their number now
River of bronze
Flowing down the horizon
That is my future
That is my doom
I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
Narration, the oracle of Delphi (from "The Histories?" of Herodotus)
Oh Ares! Bitter god of war
Fatal to the men, here I swear
They will never see our backs
Oh Zeus! A last look to the sun
Not yet hidden by the darts, no doubt for the choose
We'll be like oaks in the storm
And when the smoke of our pyres
Burning on the battlefield
Reaching the sky
Then you will know
Which was our doom
We were not afraid, we were not afraid

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