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Kill That Little Fuck - lyrics

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The happiest days of my life will be when you die
I absolutely can't wait to spit on your grave with pleasure
You are a pathological narcissist and you are so weak
I do not trust nor what is happening
Because you are a liar and a selfish asshole
What makes you think I could love such an asshole like you?
What makes you think I could love a big asshole like you?
Kill me, kill that little fuck
I feel nothing towards you but rage and it's not because i care
I am sick of boring stupid people making my life trashy and ugly
You act like a fucking idiot, a subhuman, unaware moron
What you have done is absolutely trashy and gross
So why don't you kill that little fuck
Don't you fucking dare to reply
Hitler would have melted you for soap
Goodbye, little Vespa, my little baby
Leb wohl, kleine Vespa, mein kleiner Liebling
What makes you leave, what makes you leave?
Fucking leave this and let's just
Kill that little fuck

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