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Worldshake - lyrics

Fuck the Nations
Fuck their variations
Mix up the races
Discolor all their faces
Melt their brains
Their entity
Melt their identity
Melt their religion
Their beliefs
Melt down the legion
Of the thieves
All that's unique
Is all that is fake
One huge, uniting Worldshake
The taste of freedom
Keeps me awake
One huge, uniting Worldshake
Fuck their visions
Fuck their televisions
Burn their couches
Burn their Houses
You and I crash
On the wall between us
Look at the sky
Look at the sky...
Oh look what you've done again
You messed it up, cause you played God too well
Now you shouldn't do that again
Cause dreamers meet sinners in hell
Fuck the Nations
Bring down the corporations
Burn their flags down to the ground

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