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Street Runaway - lyrics

I am outside
Watching the skies
walking on the street
this house has
number three
I am the best rapper ever
now walking
under is the river
Trying to get to my normal power
I see a big tower
I want to play cards
however, I got something else
I found the empty files
which means
He did get lost!
A scary thing then shows up
I wish I could just walk
but I can't
I have to
The Runaway...
The Runaway...
I got luck
some kind of duck
well, this is nothing to attack
I should check
my backpack.
Nothing there
just a bread
nothing special
which means
I can't make my TV show at all
The cards are lost
I will never be a boss
or am I?
I just survived
the runaway time
Monster. DIE.
Throwing a sword
to the city
defeating the world's
biggest meeting
to take it back to normal.
To take it back to normal.

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Street Runaway

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