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I wanna see you... I wanna see you*
Memories overflow from that indelible meeting
I wanna see you... I wanna see you
I'm pretending to be tough, although it's impossible
I wanna see you... I wanna see you
Bottled up in my heart, gatta you know
I wanna see you... can't I see you?
The promise of that day hasn't been fulfilled
Just how long will we be separated?
On the way home, I saw someone like you
The feelings inside my repressed heart
Rained on the cityscape, and changed its colors
I can't turn back; the indelible mail
Is proof of the time accumulated with you
While I re-read them one by one
I follow the feelings from that meeting
Just one, I felt you anywhere
I wanna see you... can't I see you?
I want an answer
I won't forget... I want to tell you...
I missing U is permanent
At last, it seems like those days again
I want that smile
We count down the same time
Without a backwards glance, we went our separate ways...
But already, I don't love anyone except you
Although, I understand
My fingertips remember your number
Just the final digit is lost
That erased memory emits courage
I bet it's still on my old cell phone...
"I wanna see you..."
"...You can't."**
You... what's up?
Although I was proud of that vague question
There was something more in those words
If we become far away (from one another)
"I won't forget"
"I want to forget..."
With you on the reciever [phone]
I missing U is sharp, indelible in my bravado
"I wanna see you again someday."
I'm not stupid enough
To tell you
I've drowned in love I can't return to
Struggling, and reaching out my hands
What are you thinking now?
Was our meeting too early?
Having children was too much?***
The traces of tears haven't dried up
Even now I forget that vanished address
That day, with initials, carved into the memory of that meeting
The regret repeats again every day
Even if I'm aware that you're not near me
Distantly, I understood it was important
It was too late to figure out my words
Already I can't be next to you anymore
But I want to be sure of your feelings
We met by chance
We loved one another
I look back at that time
We were laughing, we were fighting
I was always next to you
Softly putting an end to the feelings in my heart
Thank you, up to now
Your words floated across
That day, announced our separation
Goodbye to a new meeting
This single step
Because after this, I already can't say
I want to live with a smile

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