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Do you think your actions are beyond reproach? Do you think that I should just keep my mouth closed? Why must I respect your actions even though nothing about them is respectable? But then you say don’t judge me.
Don’t judge me.
Have you ever raised your fist to the flag? Have you ever cried out “fuck the government”? Have you ever said a war was criminal? Have you ever called a company despicable? Well that’s judgment.
I hear almost constantly, that my critical judgments must cease. With my words I’ll push them all away. Well that’s hard for me to hear when it’s coming from a kid with a circled A.
Well can you honestly tell me that you don’t see right and wrong?
Well can you honestly tell me that you don’t distinguish at all?
Well please forgive me if I’m not so indifferent, to the suffering death and cooperation with enslavement. Because complacency is a crime.You’re not neutral, you picked sides.
Well can you please forgive me for speaking what’s on my mind?
Well can you please forgive me for not being able to turn a blind eye?
Cause I can’t go on with the murdering and killing, raping and stealing, lying and cheating, because this heart of mine won’t stay silent.
And I’ve got to do something about these abuses, otherwise I’m useless, no more excuses, so please you’ll just have to forgive me for my judgment.

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Passion For Freedom