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There has come a time for all those who with an honest and open heart to stand up. For every person who’s conscious no longer allowed them to wallow in the mire of ignorance and denial, that time is now. For all those with a burning desire for true justice and a world of equality, there is a storm raging.
There can be a future when slavery, oppression, domination, and exploitation will no longer be tolerated in any form, by any hand or by any name. But
that future will not come on it’s own though.
It requires us to pull from our highest self. It requires of us to no longer be ruled by laziness, cowardice and fear.
It requires us act upon what we know is right in our hearts and not what is just right by the law.
There is a war raging outside these doors. And if you don’t believe me that it is a war, speak with the countless victims still being murdered and oppressed. Stare into their eyes as the life drains from them, listen to their walling moans and their struggle for freedom, and then tell me that this is no war.
If you want to see a future were all being are free to live out their lives, where compassion, respect and understanding are fundamental in every society, then we must be willing to be their soldiers for them. We must be willing to be the freedom fighters for all those beings deserve. We must be willing to put our own lives on the line and give up what is most dear to us.
They don’t need your excuses. They don’t need your apologies. They need your actions, they need your voice, they need your passion for freedom to grant them what which has been denied them for so long and they need it now.
Rise Up! Rise Up to take a stand!
There is no time to wait. For those being murdered and enslaved, they need us to act now.
Do not be blinded by the rage within though. Use the love for freedom that lives in your heart to save all those you can. Let the love for justice, for equality and compassion be your compass. Let yourself be guided by courage. You are not alone, you are supported by the freedom fighters of this world. So what are you waiting for?

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Passion For Freedom