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Easy to become - lyrics

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Some people gonna spread my love
on things that i just dont want.
Some people gonna walk away,
but i know the new will always come to your life,
I swear on god.
But I don‘t belive in a god.
I don‘t belive in a devil.
I belive in myself,
Thats who i am. x2
I don't need your stories,
To become better than anyone else.
I dont need your worries and
I can make it glorious in my own way .
I need some light, I need some stars,
I need some thoughts to keep me inside.
I dont want to be like everyone else
I dont wanna work nine to five,
Dont wanna go to school to learn about,
About what i feel, i feel it inside
About what i know, i know that Im just me..
and who are you trying to be?
Stop it! Don‘t make it easy for everyone
make you become whoever they dont wanna be
becouse it's so easy to become
who you love/hate x2
So just be yourself
once again and the stars will come at you.
and I think that it's a choice to be whoever you wanna be.
becouse it's so easy to become
who you love/hate x2

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