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Fireflies - lyrics

Verse 1 (Kidd Flow)
Whatever I'm saying here is coming straight from the inside,
As I'm leaned back, ridin' like a pimp rides,
Gotta spliff? Then light it up and picture,
a brand new world with a perfect system,
Everybody livin' the life we all long for,
Nobody livin' with fright, no intentions to fight,
If you listen it might give you a vision of life,
And fill you're distance with light, (with light)
Yeah, and make it clearer than it's ever been,
No one can be in pain because we share the main element,
Peace of mind, to have a piece of time is a beautiful thing,
If you keep in mind,
That we each can shine, and we each can grow,
As we reach the goal that we equally own,
Knowing together is better,
We could put an end to the sin and mend all the things we ruin as humans,
"What is he doing?" You might ask,
I'm just speakin' for us all on my behalf,
So if you can, raise a fist or you're hand,
Now put two fingers in the air,
Yeah, that was the plan, (C'mon)
I just want the world to see like me (3x)
I just want the world to see..
I want the world, to see just like me,
Yeah, I want the world..
To see just like me..
Verse 2 (PJ)
I open my eyes, just for each one of you guys to understand my life,
I don't live it twice, I only get once,
But it's lots of things I gotta see in just one bunch,
But I can't break it down like a Nestle's Crunch,
I ain't tryna be funny, I'm just tryna be real,
Cause everything in life seems to be so concealed,
I just tell how I feel, I express it in the easiest way,
To make sure you understand me, PJ,
Uhh Huh..
Come on world, let's keep fightin',
Let's take away this H1N1 virus,
Let's stay in a line that's aligned and,
I don't wanna see nobody get out of line and start a crisis,
Because, it's no need for that,
We need to calm all this hate, no need for that,
So appreciate, indeed in that,
Let's heal this world, unity is the map.. Follow..

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