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Keep It Gangsta Ft. Slick Pulla & Blood Raw - lyrics

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[Hook: Young Jeezy] (x2)
I keep it gangsta and they love that shit (hey) (x3)
If you's a gangsta you gon' love this shit
[Verse 1: Young Jeezy]
This one's for you and I ain't talkin Bud Light
HK nigga with that little red light
Whole club bouncin, errbody strapped up
Pull it out my pants and make errbody back up
Fuck a record deal, the boy just too real
Watch him cook it on the stove, man the boy got skills
Streets is talkin, whole hood's whisperin
Careful what I say cause I know them folks listenin
It's your boy Mr. Seventeen-Five
My lil mamma hold the strap and the work while I drive
Take it out the wrap and I put it on the scale
But keep that on the low cause I ain't tryna go to jail
[Hook] (X2)
[Verse 2: Slick Pulla]
They call me Slick Manning cause my vision's great
Toss shells like pigskins when I squeeze the eight
Think I start for the Braves, way I rep the A
Like John Smoltz in his prime when I pitch the K
Got the scale in my pocket on a suicide grind
Yams in the strap facin suicide time
Outlandish wit it man, it's stupid how we shine
Catch me in them bunkers with them troops all the time
I eat like Saddam but I'm sick like Uday
Keeps some youngsters with me and they all bout gunplay
We been had the streets jammed up to stock
We down south niggas but the plugs up top
[Hook] (X2)
[Verse 3: Blood Raw]
This for gangstas, I ain't talkin bout you busters
Chopper toters, money getters, naw not you suckers
Cooler than a fan, colder than a freezer
Still in the hood, ridin sixes on the Regal
Still on MLK, still got a side
Still get money and I'm still in the trap
Lil mamma say she like me plus she know I'm hood
I'm a fool with laying pipe, and she know I'm good
I got a spot for the yay, Uncle Pete keep the K's
Auntie Shirley got the money, if they rush then we straight
Eight Seven Thirty Two shawty, leave it in my pager
We ain't talkin on them phones cause I know you talkin paper
[Hook] (x2)Explain

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