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Fly Away - lyrics

(lalalalala) fly away X8
First impression, first pressure, I got my first time in hospital
first blood living or die, im in the middle
my eyes fluttering, getting hazy
im gonn die but maybe, just maybe
small chances praying deep, God in ma head
everyday it's a life time, you know i ain't scared
now you know. my heart and soul starts to felt
it's hard to tell, my will to survive starts to melt
i feel God touch ma hand, im covered in light
mutter in fright then suddenly get smooth n fight
everythings running, ma heart start to pumpin
blood is running my veins like trains running stations
Hook (...)
the world is a book, those who doesn't travel only read a page
they say i know too much, people asking me my age
im 19 got skills, knowledge on my mind, i got all in my book
got what you hide. fuck this up. the world's feeling hunger,
peeps trynna dying without feeling pressur, it's my time? X3
let me fly (...) let me live (...)
fly away

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