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Why Don't We (feat. Mightymike) - lyrics

Why don't we taking over
this world X2
I Know a place where music is outta control girl
Just take my hand and fallow where ya mind wanna go
it's been a long time that we feeling the same
you there for me when I be on that struggle game
I realize if I was alone, ill be so sick...
They said that, young lovers can't fly away
so if you really wanna get her, then fly today
she knows me right, she knows me good
but she will never found a n*gga who play he good
why ? Cause love is blind and when you blind you love
so if love is blind then why you love ?
it's a pretty life, pretty love. Got my pretty by my side, she's in crazy love....Yess !
Why don't we taking over
this world X2
(im going far with ya)
why don't away in this world
fallow me and we can take this trip.
I just want you...take my hand
and feel what im doing
I just...you2me...what I want girl
why don't you...why don't we ?
take a trip...why don't you x2

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