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Look Down On Me - lyrics

Look Down On Me [repeat throughout] the Lord is watching over me Fa real Yo, I believe errybody was put here on this earth for their own reason And I believe my reason is here And I?m ready now I remember when I was at rock bottom I thought I couldn?t get no lower to the ground I was like damn if I fall anymore, I don?t know where I?ma be But you never know, you gotta try him You gotta give your all in no matter what you do And I promise you I don?t been though the worst I done lost my pops He left???..he went to jail when I was young He back now which is a good thing But I lost my brother Boy that was a big deal to me 25-life 2003.??matta fact??that?s recent My sister She doing 5-10 but I love and respect her She didn?t snitch She kept it real And she said " for those that did wrong to her??..wrong come back to y?all That?s Karma for y?all I remember when Brandy Norwood hit me in my eye I had an attach regna my lens came out I had to have 3 eye surgeries And she thought we?ll never be cool again But I put that on my life I love her to death If she hear me talking, I know she can hear the honesty in my voice and my sincerity But you gotta get up I know everybody just talking and talking bout what?s going on They don?t have a clue But to get real with y?all I love dem niggas B2K But, if it was meant for us to part So be it The moral of the story is When you see me with IMx And you see me doing my thing don?t mean I don?t know bout these streets Cause I done been through it all And it all done been through me All I know Is God is looking down on me

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