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RFTS [free track 2013] - lyrics


Now we got it, got it,
do ya feel that heavy storm?
Ima back to the game
without uniform
We did it with no budget
Ure sleepin on a carpet
We've got tickets to the game
Bitch were ballin
They said but i can't stop it
I'm workin in my cockpit
I'm workin with no limit
Haters crazy cuz i got it
I see other artists hate
Loving this young artist
See ya freaking liars
Bang bang nightmare's comin

I'm talkin in time
I'm talkin no censored
Looking for ways
I'm trynna be better
U're searchin my name
U should this remember
U did bad choise
So talk to me better
Did it by my own
It sounds so nice
Yall With no chance
Can't do it twice
See you ain't gonna tell me
Make my flow tighter
Young and did it
Without ghost writer
Ima ghost rider
Kill these nasty snitches
Im in the same biz but
I figure today's different
Trynna keep my fam and team
In the same distance
Haven't changed still running
Got the same vision
No gun play
I'm still thinkin writtens to a measure
Can't help but they
Still call me young killer

Burning shower
Cuz i got burning power
Tell your momna her daughter's
Suckin for new prada
Ima big runner
I call it usain power
Usain in my backpack
Like a fucking robber

My name can text to ya face
But we ain't face to face
It's bullet that shot ya face
So buy a mask or i'll switch ya face

Ima farer I'm gonna take a place
Ima soldier walkin in a hot desert
I'm on this race don't try to play
We kill ya with yo freaking hate

Damn watch how i kill it
What are you fellin
When i came to the city
Curtains are opening
Just tell em haters
Yall silly, clear off really
This was the first kill
Dont delay me
U're 16 baby already
I'm 16 with tight flow
Hear me hear me hear me
We got that heny

I'm the blue flame
See you got no brain, brain
Burn it with no flame,flame
U're flexin like a man
Call me god young Tay,Tay
When i came u can't blame
Cuz yall lame
Do murder in this game
I know y'all just mad
My dawg sippin that in my flat
Can't complain
Cuz we've got tee all black
But you're far from the map
They trynna be cool
So they're starting to rap
Click click bang bang

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