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They Killin' Niggas ft. Buc Buc - lyrics

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[Hook: Buc Buc]
They killin' little niggas, it ain't no love in these streets
Even bitches can get it, that's why I thug with my heat
I'm a real thug nigga, stand ten toes flat on my feet
They killin' little niggas, they killin' little niggas
[Verse 1: Young Thug]
And if you play Duey, will kill you, bitch nigga
And I'll be on your ho like clothes
And I swear if you play with any one of my crew
I'll be in your mouth like golds
But I have a goal and it is to get rich and die old
And I have a sick wrist, it got a cold
And my ears are Atlantic, which means pros
And I swear I ain't ever, ever gone play with ya'll niggas
I swear I will go and get the K for ya'll niggas
And walk up on ya and say hey to ya'll niggas
Then cock that motherfucker and spray on ya'll niggas
[Hook: Buc Buc]
[Verse 2: Young Thug]
And (?) will kill you if you play bitch niggas
And Big'll come and get his ass outta there
And we'll tie you up to the top floor
And let the young crips come and move you like a rocking chair
Cleveland Ave, we rocking now
Four Seasons can't stop it now
What you mean I fuck with them? I said I fuck with them
Okay, I slept with him which means I fuck with him
I fuck with him, no homo though
And if you have no cash, no show dough
Last night I went by myself, solo dolo
Duey talkin' 'bout give him somethin', I'm like oh no
Buk talkin' 'bout give him somethin',, double oh no
[Hook: Buc Buc]
[Outro: Young Thug]
Okay, the outro of this motherfucker is.... the end!

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