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Factum II: Libations of Blood - lyrics

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Spewing lies and deciet. Shredding their souls to bits. So sure of our salvation. Holding yours just out of your reach.
Proclaiming to the world 'judgment is nigh for all you sinners' as you shut the kingdom in their faces.
Hearts black as night. Smiles deadly as a serpent's kiss. Your righteousness is a stench in the nostrils of the Holy One. Rituals have become your gods. Bowing low before your religion.
Hell sleeps in the heart of man. You awake to find the demon is you.
The grave open up it's jaws. Enlarging its appetite to consume all of those you have condemned, but the joke is on you in the end when you find you were wrong and those precious souls you murdered with your own bare hands were saved in the end.
Yours is the unrecognizable one. Departed you shall be called. A son with no name. Cast out with no inheritance. And all the while the harlot was you. Live what you believe or don't even live at all.
The hourglass has been turned. The sword is in hand. So cry out from all corners of the earth the words which will transform the world. Treacherous betrayer, your complacency has condemned them all.

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