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Factum III: Annuit Coeptis - lyrics

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I am what I am and I've just begun
It's time to finish what I started. The revolution of the soul. Power witheld for so long. Truth covered up with lies to make you feel more comfortable, but the time is now. No excuses, no walking way the time is upon us. Time to regress this evolution of man.
I'm a danger to your society. A contridiction to your religion. Time to put me away before I disturb your sensibilities. Power comes from fighting this war. With a martyrs' passion I'd die tonight. I am what I am and I've just begun.
You've educated yourself to the point of ignorance. Holding on to damnation. Enjoying your independance. As you burn through your options you still have a decision to make. Try to escape but you still have a choice to make.
Their foolish hearts have been darkened. By your own desire you have been released.
You think I'm weak, but weakness is believing in nothing but yourself. You're free to roam and grovel in your own depravity. But you are without an excuse. You chose this path.
Only through death am I made strong. No pain can touch me. When the heavens open up they will call my name.
Death is only a doorway. The implications of belief will change it all. Suddenly there is more to life than your own ambitions and you're not so strong after all.
When an innocent child puts a gun to his head there's something wrong with both of you.
We are the one's who have turned this world upside down.

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