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Renenet (All Consuming Wealth) - lyrics

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The great beast arises
The American Dream
Poised to kill, shake the seas
Sink its claws into the veins of the earth
Deceiving so many who risk their lives
To taste of its sweetness
A newborn whose dreams are swept away
Replaces by a machine
The Beast calls out
Hungry to be fed
With an appetite for the world
Hear they scramble about
Having left their destinies behind
Mindlessly marching behind the crowd
Blank stares, void expressions
The Machines have taken over
Pick the strong to lord over the weak
Process of elimination
Natural selection
There are those who know the answer
Yet are too selfish to share
Too afraid to act
So complacent in their quiet little suburbs
White-washed churches
With the stench of a tomb
Climb your way to the top
Careful not to slip
There's no treasure on the other side of this rainbow
Leave the poor to rot
So weak in your soul
Called to a greater thing
But you're living in the filth of this world
Damned and cursed
Because you knew better
Damned and cursed
Because you knew better
Damned and cursed

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The American Dream