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Crusaders! Next Stop Is Hell! - lyrics

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This is the 21st century
and I´ll take you through the history
Oh my god!I was raped by the fate,
hell is coming so help me god
Now I see what I´ve done to myself hell
is coming,its coming now
my sins from the past meetings reverberating
I´m burried by evil now
god leads me to unknown
my fate is neverending
I´m writting my sins on the walls
It´s terryfing sight
I´m reading from skin and my bones
well hell is coming now
I am the destroyer of my memories and death is my cure
I throw the evil out of my head my intensions are so pure
Im reading from skins and my bones,hell is coming now
Im dead inside,devils are coming for me
it´s terryfing sight
Oh my god I was raped by the fate,they are coming
Now I hear demons singing my name,they are coming!
I was a guard of red cross
I was a guard of!

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