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Nothing But William´s Vision - lyrics

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These thoughts I´ve seen are here to fill up your empty mind
We couldn´t say that night was day it´s just a matter of time
I´m the one who loves you through all the shit we´ve faced.
But it´s okay I´m here today standing in front of our way!!!!
Darling can you hear me? I´m so scared of your mind!
Can you see? our boat is sinking now we know that there´s no way back!
I´ve come so far to show my dreams to you
But I see you in your betrayal
You are in my mind, if only you could see
How much I wish you to love me.
Forgive me! ( I´m holding you closer)
I´m so satisfied you´ll never lie to me,you´ll never lie to me !
(Im holding you closer)
If you could see,(rain is not over)
If you could breathe (It washes me over!)
I´m holding you closer2x

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