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if it's my right way, how long should I go?
To try to reach of something I don't know.
Tell me am I crazy?
My lungs are breathing the same air as you do.
Say what you want I hope I will leave you
and it's time begin to blur
I see the truth I see it right through you
I'm not the only one
I'm here! Tell me what can I do!
I want be a different from you
Right here! Right now!
I'm changing myself again
This time I feel where I don't belong
Today! Tonight!
I'll take my another way
cause what I thought was never real
It was never real.
I'm not the only one, my thoughts still haunts me
I'm not the only one! My thoughts still haunts me
Oh my mind, my mind.
My thoughts still haunts me
Oh my mind, my mind!
I'm not the the only one.
My god, god leads me to unknown

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