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The Fight, The Fire - lyrics

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Hear me now and het me out.
I´d like to escape someone tell my how
I´m in their mind they got me now
Just free me baby and hold me tight
I´d like to hear your name againg
no chance to shout
my hands were tied so hard but I´m stronger now
this sky reminds your face even when you are so far
our memories will meet again as the sun meets the ground
darling,help me take me from this fucking cage
my hands are dirty by theese walls and blood
Take me,take me away
Im´getting stronger now,we will burn their lies
Save me,save me my baby
Time is running out my revenge is coming
this is our last night
we are the victims of research my mind is their curse
they are coming for me now
of my god they´ve bound me to my bed,
I feel the pain in my veins.
Burn them,kill them right now!
I can´t breath,my mind is so pure
my hands are getting cold
and now I wish to be with you
my last cry is finish me
Oh my god it fucking hurts
Im still alive but I can´t stand the pain
I´ve felt it in my veins
Im still alive,still alive
Oh this agony became my nightmare

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