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Terrorizing - lyrics

I'm Like Jason, I'm Chasing, All Sucker MC's, He's Killing, I'm
Chilling, With Rhymes Like These, You Say Your A Menace To
Society, But You Ain't Nothing Until You Battled Me, I'm
Terrorizing People Of This Neighborhood, Getting Lot's Of
Respect And You Wish You Could, I'm Not LL. I Don't Think
I'm Bad, Your Girl Is On My Jock And It Makes You Mad, The
Terror I Bring, It Will Not Cease, I'm Smashing MC's Like A
Savage Beast, When I Get On The Mic All People Applaud, I
Don't Need To Act Brave Cause I'm Already Hard, I Put Fear In
Their Hearts When I Walk In The Place, You Can Tell I'm Hard
By The Look On My Face, I'm Pulverizing, Not Compromising,
MC's And People I'm Surprising, Cause Now There Is A New
Terror That's Rising, Come Up Against Me And You'll Be The
Next One I'm Victimizing.

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