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I cross the rite of the initiated into the magic of shadows
I am the sorcerer that dominates the altar of plague
Dragging me down the stairs in times of Hell
I am the door of the crypt
I am the plague of time
I am the unknown
I am...
Poison for the subconscious
One for one...
From darkness to light: the light...
Of the infinite...
Of the time...
Of the netherworld to shine in the darkness
We crossed the rite to rise from the ashes
For resurgence of tears, in similarity with the fallen
One who brought us fire
In the hidden ways, I ride to death
Hell and through the mental bridge that crosses the rite
In flames, soul scourged: I am already a legion
In heaven, hell and as on Earth
In the flesh, thought and so equal in saint

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Procession Through Infestation