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rpriver   (29.9.2018)

you guys are lit

bunny101   (3.9.2018)


bunny101   (3.9.2018)


_Mia_112   (9.2.2018)

love uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Anniiiie   (7.11.2017)

I love this cuties sooooo much.

annypeterson   (3.10.2017)


Edellea143   (4.9.2016)

Hi 1Direction....

Krystin   (1.6.2016)

One Direction is gonna be back soon.........I can feel it.

sebrinajean6   (25.5.2016)

hello dear my name is Sebrina i live in London.

i have something to discus with please

write me true my email, (

Lenalee5619   (28.2.2016)

One direction I looooveee you guys sooo much, and people all around the world do to, its thx to singers like you that many people are happy so never stop singing ^•^ (Ps:- you all are sooooo Kawiiiiii)

perrie123   (21.2.2016)

I Love one direction

Krystin   (18.6.2015)

I'm also sad that zayn left!

broniie   (30.5.2015)

I'm sooooo sad zayn's out of the group!

danielmierez   (2.5.2015)

i am one of r fan's buh omg liam & zyan & harry & nial are so damn hott maan

nikkib_98   (9.3.2015)

I'm our biggest fan as I have loads of things do with you

Dorae   (24.12.2014)

I love u ol 1 direction....keep on rocking

miley_bloom   (15.11.2014)

luv d new song 4rm four night changes, it made me cry

porkchop   (10.10.2014)

hey guys! I am such a huge fan of 1D!!!!

mistery   (13.9.2014)

hi big fan

autumn   (24.8.2014)

yeah hey do u guys believe in Larry Stylinson

anw   (28.7.2014)

love them there are so cool harry styles is hot

Twilight24   (11.7.2014)

I love one direction!!!!!!!!!

Twilight24   (11.7.2014)

I love one direction

Breanna12   (2.7.2014)

OMG one direction is so awesome!!!!!!

Hyacinth   (26.6.2014)

omg me and my friend r opsepsed with u i

viktorie1801   (29.4.2014)

oh min. 7 nás je tu z česka :)

Zuzka736   (29.4.2014)

No to je dost :D

Sysa1D   (28.4.2014)

Hey!! :D

kacenka395   (28.4.2014)

Hi guys!

Hyacinth   (26.6.2014)

Bye nigga

bunny101   (3.9.2018)

i will talk to you!!

Zuzka736   (28.4.2014)

I ♥ our boys. They´re absolutelly perfect :D

SuperLajky   (28.4.2014)

hi guys! ♥♥♥

viktorie1801   (22.4.2014)

Hello girl :)

viktorie1801   (22.4.2014)


1amanda1   (28.4.2014)

Hello :)

Hyacinth   (26.6.2014)

R u Bisexual

Ifuckdicks   (29.3.2014)

1D is a band I would lyk 2 fuck

teambug402   (12.3.2014)

i love 1d

kitty_cat   (6.3.2014)

having any of you guys heard the new news that One Direction are bringing out another perfume called "That Moment"? Who is getting it? I sure as hell am!

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