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Interpreter and song name User is requesting Status
Last Day Dream - Let It Die Lyrics False
AKRASIA - 巫覡 Lyrics False
Fill the Void - Collapse Lyrics False
Fill the Void - T-8XX Lyrics False
Last Day Dream - Violet Blood Lyrics False
Last Day Dream - My Tragic Phantom Lyrics False
Lunapop - qaulcosa di grande Lyrics False
nne vida - Back Up Lyrics False
Cape - Together In Eternity Lyrics False
Nek - chi sei tu Translation False
Velvet Empire - Frontin On Me Lyrics False
3rd Faze - Go For It Lyrics False
Hayden Summerall - Smiles for You Lyrics False
The macc lads - Gordon's revenge Lyrics False
FlipFlop The Clown - Feet On My Face Translation False
Uta No Prince Sama - 1000% love Translation False
Luke Christopher - Bridges Video False
lizz robinett - gravity falls theme song Video False
Hugh Jackman and The Greatest Showman Cast - From Now On Video False
Kavra - gonna be fine Lyrics False
Rebecca Sugar - remember you Lyrics False
elijah who - dont forget to feed your neopets Video False
elijah who - skateboard p Video False
Exploited Teen Asian - Want Your Cream Pie Video False
Explored Teen Asian - Want Your Cream Pie Video False
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