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Contractual conditions for using the website

terms of use of services

User agrees by publishing at the webpages (available on and by registration with bellow mentioned Conditions and pledges to respect the rules stated in them.

Provozovatelem serveru KaraokeTexty (dostupném na URL dále jen "Portál") a poskytovatelem služeb je TISCALI MEDIA, a.s., email: (dále jen "Provozovatel"). "Uživatelem" je kterákoliv právnická nebo fyzická osoba, která užívá služby Provozovatele.

Operator provides users of the portal with services in the sense of the § 5 of the law no. 480/2004 Col., on some services of the information society. The matter in question is a possibility to insert textual, vizual and mixed content and information (hereafter "Contributions". Services are being provided free of charge. Operator reserves his right to delete Contributions written by Users without previous warning namely in the first place in case the character and/or content of the "Contributions" is in conflict with the law. Operator is (in accordance with the statement of the § 5 of the law no. 480/2004 Col. on some services of the information society) responsible for content of information inserted by the User to his server only in case when the Operator could know, with regards to character of his activity and circumstances and nature of the case, that content of these inserted information or actions of the User are illegal, or found out provably illegal character of inserted information or illegal actions of the User, and did not acted immediately to delete or block such information. If Operator finds out provably that content of inserted information or action of the User is illegal, the particular Contributions will be always immediately deleted and the account of the User may be cancelled.

Operator is neither obligated to inspect content of the portal nor to search actively for positive facts and circumstances indicating an illegal content.

Information and Contributions placed on the website of the Operator are placed on server of the Operator and are freely available.

Personal data of the Users are kept in accordance with effective laws of the Czech republic, in particular with the Law no. 101/2000 Col. on personal data protection. Personal data of the Users are fully protected against misuse. Data are kept and are not shared with third-party applications. By registration the User agrees that his/her personal data, ie. name, surname, email address and district will be used for creation of the profile an will not be misused. Particularly, these will not be provided to third parties, used for purpose of advertisement and will be protected in accordance with directives of the Czech Republic. The User has the right of access to his personal data and the right to its amendment including other rights guaranteed by law, applicable to these data. The user has simultaneously, anytime, right to cancel his agreement with processing of his/her personal data in written form.

The User, in accordance with the Law no. 480/2004 Col., agrees that the Operator is authorized to send to User´s e-mail address stated in registration any messages containing information primarily on news about the Portal and commercial communications relating to products and services of third parties.

The User is authorized to cancel his registration and delete his Contribution anytime.

The User has no right (and holds his/her full responsibility) to use services of the Portal with any purposes inconsistent with legal prescriptions and these rules, namely in particular "Contributions" violating the copyright, containing racist statements, vulgar offences as well as violent and otherwise aggressive "Contributions". The User is not allowed to insert any commercial and non-commercial advertisement to the Portal, and he is not allowed to distribute spams in any form.

The Operator reserves his right to change Conditions occasionally, for example for reason of change of legal prescriptions and/or changes and functions offered through the Portal. Read these conditions regularly and keep yourself acquaint with these changes. The User has right to stop using services of the Portal in case he/she does not agree with amended Conditions.